Thursday, May 10, 2007


Today I am feeling proud because I served my country especially in the remote area of Nepal. I am glad to install e-library at the place, there is not even a single computer in the entire village, where most of the students have not seen a computer and if someone has seen they have just seen it and are afraid to even touch it.

this is my first experience in the village and one of the most memorable events of my life, i got the opportunity to see the village of Nepal for first time and i found the villagers quite supportive and students were enthusiastic which added energy in me to pursue this project more actively

Sunday, April 15, 2007

My experinces of E-Library deployment in Sudal V.D.C

First of all I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Help Nepal Network to provide such an oppurtunity. And my especial thanks goes to Rojendra dai, Rama dai, Arun dai and Ravi dai for their great co-ordination and support.

Our project started from the introduction programme at Help Nepal Chabhil. That we visited our Rama dai Educational Co-ordinator , Arun Dai President of Help Nepal, Rojendra Dai, Mathew, a representative from UNESCO, volunteers from K.U. and this was the begining of our project.

Then after that our second meeting was at Rojan dai's house and i would not miss the oppurtunity to thank him for the tea.This was the official begining of our project.

Then after we tried to install the system and check the server client connection and all in Suraj's house where we all the members of the volunteer team gathered and started working and one intersting thing was that Yogesh was earliest in the group to come there which rearly happens although he was not the member of our group that time.
Also I would like to thank the Shishir dai to provide us the technical help.It was lots of fun working in group and especially with Jitendra coz he takes everything seriously!!!

And On Saturday we have meeting with the teachers from Sarswati Mavi(kancha sir and basudev sir) on the saturday to tell them our purpose of installing e-library in their school and give the overview of our system.

And the on wednesday we have meeting with the Rojendra dai at our campus. And the only thing I remember is coffee.

And yes on Friday we moved to the Sudal for the first time for our survey.
It was really a great fun on that day. We moved to the Kamal Binayak and then we called the principal sir and then we moved towards the school with principal sir.Here we first time meet the Sankar Sir (really cool sir).

And we visited the school and talked to the other sir, gaurdains and villagers and tell them about our mission.
And we visited the temple of ManjuShree(saraswati) and then our returning journey was really exiciting. we were on the hoot of the bus enjoying the beauty of bhaktapur.
Then on 6th April (Friday) we stayed at help nepal for the final demonstration of the system.and yes i remember we and yogesh moved to the hostel to bring math school and at hostel there was no backup of math school so we moved to my room and there but i have already forget my pen drive so i thought to burn it in cd, but bad luck my cd drive was not working then tried to take out the hard disk but i was unable to do so and finally i carried the cpu.
We worked till late night for the complete demonstration of our system to the help nepal, and here is the schedule of our sleep time
Suraj 3hr
Harkae 2hr
Manish(myself) 2hr
yogesh 2hr
bibek 1 hr
dhurba the hero with half and hour

and finally it was the day of demonstration and people from different places has came on that day.It was great day. But it was very difficult for us to stand and listen the talk due to late night work and we all were feeling hungry and bibek was the victim (i guess ).
Though it was intersting and it was pleasure to meet the Limbu Sir from HimalTech and also Anjay Sir for UNDP he was great man,although we all were feeling hungry i was pleased to hear his guff and wanting more guffs from his side.
And finally the demonstration was over and we run for food and i remember the resturant were we have our lunch and i guess we all know why?